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General Details:

Audrina is awesome, a real All-Star. After our time together, I was trying to figure her out, and then I saw the movie "Justice League" - now I know - Audrina is from Wonder Woman's island of gorgeous Amazons. She's here to save civilization by giving 1 undeserving guy at a time the night of his life! 

I saw her stellar reviews, which I can now confirm, and emailed her with my TER info and references. Communicating with her was easy and clear, and though we had a couple scheduling problems, she was so friendly and understanding that I got the sense that she's truly considerate and responsible. She's going places in life and has a busy schedule, but it was so worth making the time to meet her. On the big night, she came to my hotel precisely on time, looking great and dressed casually but quite sexily in black jeans. Audrina is simply gorgeous, with legs that go on forever and lead up to a literally perfect body and beautiful face. Audrina's perfect bronze skin and exquisite facial features evidence her exotic background. She's confident without being intimidating, smart, funny and very friendly. We had a nice conversation and drank some champagne, after which she invited me to get closer, and who was I to turn down such an offer? VIPs read on, every one else dream on.

The Juicy Details:

I was mesmerized by her beauty while we chatted. We stood up, embraced, and started kissing. Passionate DFK led to us flopping onto the bed with all of our clothes on, which we started to tear off each other. I find that really fun, like a high school make out session. I groped her through her tight jeans, feeling the heat coming from between her legs, while she grabbed my rock hard cock through my pants. We got each other naked, and Audrina kissed her way down my body leading to some incredible bb head for the junior senator with lots of attention to his 2 constituents. I started stroking her pussy, and found her slick and wet; what an immense compliment and just so hot. I went down on her, absolutely juicy and delicious, which she seemed to enjoy. We were both so down to fuck. After applying the condom, we started with her on top, cycling through missionary and finally finishing doggy style. It was a serious girlfriend experience, as she was in no hurry to disengage from me after the finish. We hung out naked for while, cooling off and chatting. Audrina is not self-conscious about showing her body in any way. Who would be, who looked like that? She was a joy to be with, and the time flew by, though she was not worried about the clock at all. As I said before, she's way better than a guy like me deserves, and gave me one of the sexual highlights of my life. I can't wait to see her again.