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General Details:

Scheduled via email where she asked for references, which was fine. Parking at her incall was easy since she said ok to use the "visitor" space at this upscale location. Got the code and went up to find this gorgeous, tan all natural beauty wearing just what I asked for -- but better than expected! vips read on to find out what made it better.. non-vips, she's awesome and could very well become my ATF!


The Juicy Details:

On her website she mentioned that she plays tennis to keep in shape (and oh boy is she in shape!), so I requested she wear a tennis skirt, which she was happy to do. To my surprise and thrill, this wasn't one of those stupid tennis skirts that has the shorts built in! I told her how much I liked it and she said "yeah, those make me feel like I'm wearing granny pants". Needless to say when I saw her bend over I immediately got hard! What an awesome ass!

She offered me a drink and we sat on the couch to chat. Maybe it's chemistry but that lasted about 1 minute before we moved to the bed. I asked her to take off everything but leave on the skirt and she obliged. We started kissing and her full lips are amazing, and she knows how to use them (with tongue). It was really turning me on, and after praising her lips I said those would probably feel really good around my johnson. I don't think she knew the term (too young I guess) but she got the idea and gave me one of the best bbbj's ever! She adds these little moans while doing it, which makes you feel like she's really enjoying it. I returned the favor at her beautiful pussy which produced more moans. We started mish and then cowgirl where she really got into it and said "I'm going to cum on you" which she did. That always makes a guy feel like a stallion. We did a couple of other positions and eventually (not rushing) she said "what position do you like to cum in?" I said doggie or in the mouth. She said which one? and when I hesitated she said "how bout both?" I went for the dog ride which was super good, but couldn't quite finish, so we went for option 2 where she did another long wet bbbj, with hand action in just the right places. It was definitely working and when I said I'm about to cum, she nodded, and took it like a champ. After returning from the bathroom where she spits it out, she lied down next to me for some great pillow talk. This is where I really got to know her (recall the 1 minute chat before bed). The more we talked the more I was into her, and amazed by at her goals, intelligence and personality. So easy to talk to her. I knew then it's only going to get better and I can't wait to go back. This could be my new ATF!